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Wind Farms In The UK B1.2 English Lesson

Wind farms in Britain became the primary source of electricity for the first time in the first three months of this year. This milestone was achieved with the activation of numerous new wind turbines, which generated 32.5% of the country's electricity. Gas-powered...

Cheap and cheaper

Cheap and cheaper: English level: A2 and higher Many students have a problem when using the terms price and cost with the word cheap. Using cheap or cheaper with price is incorrect. Using cheap with costs is not strictly wrong, but it sounds unpleasant to my ear. Here...

Using the definite article

Definite Article: Using The Even though it is such a small word and it is used so often, “the” can cause many problems for people learning English. This article looks at when you should or shouldn’t use “the” and finishes with a short exercise to help you practice....

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