Creating The Business English Textbook for the Twenty-First Century.

We create courses and lessons for college and university level EFL courses.

English teachers have the problem traditional textbooks are often out-of-date soon after the are printed. Medlock English digital textbooks are always up-to-date because we can make changes and add new material in just few minutes.

Another problem faced by EFL teachers and students is the cost of course materials. We aim to bring you lessons, modules and whole courses at a price that everyone can afford. Best of all, there will always be free English lessons for anyone to access.

At the moment we are developing digital English lessons textbooks for Business and Economics students at the B2 and C1 level on the CEFR scale (lower-advanced and advanced English language students, or 6 and 7 on the IELTS scale, or 78 and 94 on the TOEFL scale).


Medlock English is a service from Medlock Method Limited.