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Why you should study with Medlock English

The best way to improve your English skills is to consume English content. Medlock English helps you do this with content-based learning.

What is content-based learning?  Medlock English teaches language by introducing students to university level concepts of business and economics. This whole learning approach means that you the topics are both interesting and immediately useful for your studies. Indeed, by learning about business economics in English you are instantly using English to think about the new topics, which has a powerful imprinting effect and rapidly improves your ability to both understand new ideas presented in English and then discuss them.

Learning by Doing

The most important principle of Medlock English is to encourage students to learn new ideas in English. How do we do this?

1. Students learn important business and economic principles in real English. The emphasis at this stage is understanding, providing what linguist Stephen Krashen calls “minimum comprehensible input.” 

2. Students then use what they have learned answer questions, tackle case studies or develop presentations and reports. In other words, students will be practicing for their normal business studies and economics classes using English.


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Soon to be released. Courses especially developed for lecturers and teachers that replace traditional textbooks.

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